Investment Sparks New Opportunity


Birmingham based component manufacturer has made significant capital investment over the last 12 months to support a new project.  comprising welded assembly seat components for Lear Seating Corp. in Barcelona.

The new robotic welding cell started production in July at APS Metal Pressings Ltd, after 24 months of project development.

The welded components are shipped to Barcelona for seat assembly, for the Nissan Tiida. As well as the investment in plant and equipment, & significant planning and development from the project team, the business has also recruited additional staff.

M.D Paul Smith says,

“Our engineering expertise, particularly in tooling design, and manufacturing process development, has always been one of our major strengths. With a very strong engineering team behind us, we have built a reputation over the last 40 years, for high quality, complex, competitive presswork. Despite the everyday pressures of currency and market fluctuations, we have managed to grow our customer portfolio in Europe. Indeed the products we currently ship to Barcelona will also be used on vehicles in Russia shortly. The success of this project has enhanced our reputation not only in Europe but also on the World stage.”

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